Useful meeting Rugby Players Asociation(AJR) - International Rugby Players

For the first time since the admission of AJ Rugby (AJR) among International Rugby Players (IRP), members of the management of the two organizations have met to establish the directions of action of AJ Rugby, directions in which it will enjoy the support IRP.

On behalf of IRP was present Mr. Omar Hassanien (photo), CEO, while on behalf of AJR, participated the executive and operational directors, Andrei Rădoi and Bogdan Manea, respectively, as well as two of the founding members, former international Mihai Vioreanu and Romeo Gontineac.

The discussion started with the invitation of the Romanian side for an IRP delegate to participate in the General Assembly of AJR Members, an assembly that will take place in November.

Then we moved on to the issue of the discussion, which was related to topics such as the opening of relations between AJR and FRR, in the spirit of aligning the structures of Romanian rugby with international ones, the advice provided by IRP in obtaining, by AJR, better financial flows, intended to support the organization's objectives, as well as support for future actions in relations with Rugby Europe and World Rugby.

Here is what Bogdan Manea, AJR operational director, told us at the end of the discussion: “It was a useful first meeting, which was not limited only getting to know us. The discussions were pointed on the subject and, from here, I think we can say that they were also effective. We enjoy all the support and trust of IRP, we are proud of that, but also aware that this raise the standard to our actions. ”



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