AJR is a non-profit organization, whose stated objective is to represent and defend the material, moral and economic interests of groups and individuals, of rugby players in Romania, international or foreign, of rugby players Romanians from abroad, regardless of the contractual form under which they carry out their activity.


The Romanian Rugby Players Association joins the international trend, namely to bring the most consistent support to the rugby player, given its prominent role in the evolution of the rugby phenomenon, thus joining similar organizations established in the last 20 years in countries with a rugby tradition (New Zealand, Ireland, France, South Africa, Italy, Japan, South Pacific countries, etc.)


AJR is affiliated and has the full support of International Rugby Players, the world organization of rugby players.


We invite you to read Statutul AJR.


The main purpose of AJR is to represent the interests and to defend the material, moral and economic rights, both group and individual of the players or former rugby players from Romania (Romanian or foreign), of the players or former Romanian rugby players from abroad, active members of AJR.


Anchored - Together - We grow

AJR was set up to give a voice to the main performers in rugby: THE PLAYERS.

The reason for the establishment of the association was mainly derived from the existing gaps in terms of alignment with a common standard on how the rights of rugby players playing in Romania or abroad, representing Romania, are treated and resolved.


AJR was founded at the initiative of 2 former Romanian internationals, Romeo Gontineac and Mihai Vioreanu as well as a close friend of this sport, lawyer Ioan Dumitrașcu, connoisseurs of Romanian rugby.


At their initiative they joined and we hope that many players, former players or just rugby fans will continue to join.


Anchored - Together - We grow


We offer players or former rugby players from Romania (Romanian or foreign) and from abroad a platform with a single dedicated goal: Representation, Promotion and Support of Romanian rugby Through the expertise and legal experience that AJR has through the direct connection with the legal company Filip & Company.

We represent and defend the economic, professional and social rights and interests of AJR members.

We promote educational and development programs for young players and we also promote social and professional reintegration programs after sports life.

We prevent and correct abuses or unfair situations in which AJR members are involved.

We ensure and maintain the protection of AJR members from unfair or illegal rules or regulations that affect the career of any AJR member.

We assist and represent AJR members in the negotiation, as well as in the disputes they have with the clubs to which they are entitled.

We ensure the representation of AJR members in their relationship with the Romanian Rugby Federation, FRR and in accordance with current Romanian legislation.

Anchored - Together - We grow




Romeo, a former Romanian international, is currently the head coach of the French team Stade Auricolois (Pro D2, France).

Romeo made his debut in the Romanian national team in 1995, participating as a player in 4 editions of the Rugby World Cup (1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007), in the last 2 editions as the team captain.

He ended his career as a player in 2008, becoming a coach, and in 2010 he was appointed coach of the three-quarter line of the Stejarilor national team, under his leadership, Romania obtaining a new qualification for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Contact: romeo.gontineac@orange.fr 


          Mihai, former Romanian international, currently an orthopedic surgeon in Dublin.

          Mihai made his debut in the national team in 1994, in a match against England, participating as a player in 2 editions of the World Cup (1999 and 2003).

          Throughout his career he played for the teams University of Timisoara (Romania), RC Strasbourg (France), ending his career in 2003 at the Irish club De La Salle Palmerston.

Contact: mihai@mihaivioreanu.com

Ioan Dumitrascu

           Ioan has a degree in Law, a partner in the prestigious company Filip & Company, specializing in labor law.

           Ioan is a connoisseur of the rugby phenomenon, a sport he practiced during high school. Ioan had a determined role in the establishment phase of the Association, and offers to the members of AJR a solid support and a high quality legal consultancy.

          Contact: ioan.dumitrascu@filipandcompany.com



Andrei RĂDOI

           Andrei is a Romanian international, currently playing in the CEC Super League, at the Timisoara Saracens team.

           Andrei made his debut for Romania's national team in a European Nations Cup match with the Czech Republic in March 2008.

           Andrei has participated in the Rugby World Cup since 2015, and so far he has collected 70 selections for the Oak national team.

Contact: andrei_ra2@yahoo.com

Horatiu MINEA
General secretary

           Horatiu has a degree in economics with experience in corporate activity as a former Director of BRD - Societe Generale and is passionate about oval ball sports.

           Horatiu joined the AJR leadership out of the desire to make a contribution to the evolution and development of the rugby phenomenon in Romania.

           Horatiu through his managerial and communication experience but also through his equidistance in the rugby phenomenon is an important link between AJR members and management and AJR partners.

Contact: horatiu@acomodo.ro

Bogdan Armand MANEA
Chief Operating Officer

          Bogdan is a former rugby player, who in the period 1995-2013 played in the first line at clubs in Romania (Suceava, Cluj and Petrosani), France (Viry-Chatillon) and England (Bracknell, Twickenham, Barnes RFC) and who currently is an engineer in Sighisoara.

         Bogdan, through his professional development that includes project management courses, has an interest and expertise in the implementation of concrete projects within AJR.

         Bogdan brings an important contribution on the operational and managerial side of AJR, having experience in leading similar projects in Romanian rugby as president of the Suceava County Rugby Association (2008-2011).

Contact: armandmanea@yahoo.co.uk


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